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Oral Rehydration Project



The Goal:  Fill 20,000 packets with oral rehydration mix—to be used to treat children suffering from dehydration in refugee camps, in areas of poverty, or in areas hit by natural disaster…wherever needed.


The Outcome:  23,000 packets were prepared !!


Hours Donated on Feb. 9:  588 Hours -- A very conservative estimate of the number of volunteer hours worked during the three shifts on February 9.


The Volunteers:   237


Central UMC members/attendees:  54 Volunteers (23 worked through the entire day)


Volunteers from other organizations: 183


Organizations, churches and civic groups represented:  33


Andrew Chapel UMC , Annandale UMC, Antioch Baptist Church, Apostalic Church , Arlington Forest UMC, Arlington Public Schools, Arlington Temple UMC, Arlington UMC, Bethel UCC, Booz-Allen-Hamilton, Braddock St. UMC, Bruen Chapel UMC, Calloway UMC, Calvary UMC, Clarendon UMC, Dumfries UMC, Emeritus Retirement Community, Fairlington Presbyterian Church *, Ghana Wesley UMC, Graham Rd. UMC, Great Falls Methodist Church, GWU NROTC, Independents (no affiliation listed), Kinhaven Preschool, McDonalds friends group*, One Brick (double shift), Optimist Club, St. Ann’s Catholic Church, St. John’s Episcopal Church *, Teal Center*, Tysons Rotary Club, Unitarians (UUCA)*, and Washington’s Biggest Givers. 


*40 volunteers from these groups became involved in the project because of the connection of Central members with a nearby McDonald’s nearly-every-morning coffee group.


Note:  Many CUMC volunteers worked before and after the event:  meeting to put instructions into packets, helping with a “dry run,”  setting up on Feb. 8, and cleaning up after the event on Feb. 9—and joining the convoy to move 1200 pounds of sugar from a warehouse into CUMC! Those many hours are not reflected in these calculations.


This project simply could not have happened without the amazing support, goodwill and cheerfulness of everyone at CUMC!  Every one of you gets an enormous thank-you for all you did!


                        For the Committee:  Tony Bumgarner, Patty Schlosser and Joyce Wright