Mission Update - School Supplies Project

posted Sep 26, 2013, 6:56 AM by CUMCBallston   [ updated Dec 11, 2013, 1:53 PM ]

CUMC’s  annual project to collect school supplies for an Arlington school has been completed now and the delivery was made to Drew School.  Thanks to everyone who donated items and/or money to shop for supplies.  The response was so generous we were able to load four vehicles with backpacks (101), notebooks (334), pencils (thousands!), and crayons (over 250 boxes).  There were cartons of markers, scissors, folders, loose leaf paper and colored pencils.  For the older children,  there were 46 display boards for them to use for their science projects.  The “Undy Sundays” provided donations for over 100 pairs of socks for the children and 153 pairs of underwear!   During the summer, the microwave in the staff break room quit working.  The Holy Spirit nudged again and a donor provided a new microwave to be delivered along with the classroom supplies.


Thanks to everyone for such generous contributions to this project.  Thanks to all who stayed after coffee hour on August 25 to help sort, count, package and load up the many boxes.  A special thanks to those who helped on the “work day” the week before--Hilary Donovan, Pete MacLachlan, Don Peniska and Richard Cobb, and to Tish Van Patten for her good humor and help through it all.  Thanks to those who provided the transportation for getting the supplies to the school—Dave Van Patten, Gene Cross, Richard Cobb, and Patty Schlosser.


Tom Schlosser gets a huge hand for his “find” of water color paints at the last minute at an amazing price (the Holy Spirit had to have had a hand in that one!), and Patty Schlosser, as always, was the most amazing shopper, planner, driver, and accomplice in getting this mission accomplished.


So many donated time, money, and energy to this project.  It could not possibly have been a success without each of you being inspired to help.  The Spirit is here and alive and moving amongst us.


Many, many thanks.



Joyce Wright

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