Help Stock Dr. Bear's Closet

posted Nov 20, 2013, 10:57 AM by CUMCBallston   [ updated Dec 30, 2013, 6:42 AM ]
The Christmas Project:  Help Stock Dr. Bear’s Closet at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, DC.  See the wish list below!

Children’s National Medical Center

Due Date/Packup date for donations:  Sunday, Dec. 8, 2013

We are happy to do the shopping if you would prefer to donate money.  Please put donation in a pew envelope and mark it for “Dr. Bear’s Closet.”  (Or send a check to the church office—note that it is for Dr. Bear.)

NO recalled toys or games. The U.S. Consumer Support and Safety Commission has a full list of recalled items.

Please make sure your donations:

  • Are NEW (toys, stuffed animals, blankets, or clothes) to meet the hospital’s infection control requirements.
  • Meet consumer product safety codes – a toy’s package will say if it meets the codes.
  • Include only non-toxic materials (toys or craft kits with glue or markers) – the package will say if it is.

They CANNOT accept:

  • Spark-producing toys due to fire regulations.
  • Latex (or rubber) balloons and materials because of latex allergy precautions and other safety factors.
  • Toys made of glass or brittle plastic .
  • Items with violent, frightening or adult-rated themes.
  • Toys that can break or have sharp edges – toys should be sturdy.

Although the “dollar stores” have bargains, sometimes the quality is absent. We would rather have one quality toy that meets safety standards rather than five inexpensive ones that don’t.

Infants: Musical toys, rattles, infant mirrors, infant toys, baby blankets, activity centers, crib mobiles, soft/squeeze toys, baby books, picture books, pop-up toys, play telephones, teething toys, infant videos.

Toddlers:  Wooden puzzles, stack toys, plastic trucks, Fisher Price medical kits, dolls, Fisher Price tape players, bubbles,  Musical books/Board books, Duplo building blocks, Sesame Street character toys, blocks, Fisher Price toys (all ages), push/pull toys.

School-Age:   Games:  UNO cards, regular playing cards, checkers, Memory, Connect Four, Chutes and Ladders, Trouble, Sorry, Candyland, Monopoly Jr., Scrabble Jr., Boggle Jr., Scattergories Jr., Card Games (Old Maid, Go Fish), Magna Doodle, Etch-a-Sketch.   Battery-powered hand-held electronic games, paint sets (water color), coloring books, Crayons, markers, colored pencils, Legos/Lego model sets, Videos (G & PG rated), Activity books/Word-find books, Matchbox cars and race tracks, Action figures, Play-doh (ONLY GLUTEN FREE), Arts and crafts kits, Model kits (snap tight), Wooden models, Gimp, Bead kits/Sand art kits, construction paper, dolls, Disney character items, Barbies and Barbie doll clothes.

Adolescent:  Games:  UNO, Monopoly, Boggle, Scattergories, Scrabble, Clue, Jenga, Sorry, Life, Hangman, Battleship, Pictionary, Chess and Checkers, playing cards.  Battery-powered hand-held electronic games, Portable CD players with CDs, Diaries/journals, Makeup sets, Manicure kits, Baseball caps, Nerf balls, grooming kits (girls and boys), word search/crossword books, Nintendo Wii, scrapbooking materials, Art sets, CD players, Batteries.

Families:  Personal care kits for parents (including a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo (small bottle), conditioner (small bottle), shave cream, razors, soap, deodorant, and/or hand lotion.

Phone cards.  Clothes and undergarments (for children of all ages and sizes, newborn through XXL),  Blankets (for newborns, children and adults), Hats (for children of all ages), Gift certificates to area retail stores, grocery stores and restaurants (ex: Costco, Giant, Kohls, Safeway, and Target); Gift certificates to area hotels for out of town families.

Dream Gifts:

Digital camera, Digital video camera, Polaroid cameras and film (Model 600), Video game systems and games (X-Box 360, Playstation 2, PSP, Wii), Sewing machines, Teen videos and DVDs (PG and PG-13), laptop computers, Brand new DVD players and Portable DVD players, IPods.